In order for you to have the best experience with Dr. Dodson, we will need to get a detailed history from you prior to the first meeting. We provide an extensive survey that you need to fill out, which helps us understand how to best help you. Please call our office at 303-300-6635, and provide your email address, so we can forward our forms, or access them here.


After reviewing your history, we will call you to schedule the initial appointment. The appointment will include medical and psychiatric evaluations with Dr. Dodson to screen for coexisting conditions and to make recommendations for medication trials.


Initial Assessment:


    • Is usually between 90 minutes – 120 minutes, and is based on a rate of $400 per hour.
    • Review of materials and pertinent records (prior to your appointment)
    • Discussions with your prior clinicians (as needed)
    • First pre-authorizations of your prescriptions


Continuation of Care Appointments:

Based on $200 per 30 minutes. Once you are stabilized on your proper medication and dosage, you will need follow-up appointments every 3 months. These can be 30 minutes or longer, based on your needs.


Payment at the Time of Service:

Since we do not participate with any insurance companies or managed care organizations, we ask that each client assume responsibility for paying the bill in full at the time of service. You will be provided with complete, itemized billing statements to enable you to file for reimbursement from your insurance carrier. You should make every effort to obtain any pre-authorization for care that is required by your particular insurance company prior to the initial appointments. Call the customer service number on your card for this information. The medical code for the initial appointment is 90792; follow up appointments are generally code 90832.


Please include your insurance information on our forms as it is the only way we have to contact your insurance company to obtain prior authorizations for medication. If your insurance requires prior authorizations for medication, we will do the first 30 minutes at no charge. Since some insurance companies try to save money by obstructing care, we sometimes must charge for time dealing with insurance hassles on your behalf. We will notify you before incurring any extra charges.


We look forward to meeting you.


Next Steps:

Please call our office at 303-300-6635 so that we can email you the pre-appointment information forms.